Ybor City 2013 by Nhick Ramiro Pacis
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My name is Nhick Ramiro Pacis and I am a Filipino-American music composer, arranger and pianist in Tampa, Florida! Welcome to my website and I hope you will find the information you are looking for.

So far, my website is finally coming together really nicely, I think! I am proud to say that I am doing all the designs myself (through the use of WordPress and WordPress plug-ins). Please feel free to roam around, listen to my music, check out some photos I took or read some of my blogs. Feel free to leave a comment or so or share a post at Facebook, Twitter or wherever . More site improvements will come soon!

You are also welcome to visit my other sites on facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedin, soundcloud and google+! There is also lots of information available there.

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Here are some of my music available at SoundCloud. If you don't like to listen, just hit the pause button below.



Spirals by Nhick Ramiro Pacis

Spirals ny Nhick