We Shout Laoag

I wrote “We Shout Laoag” so many years ago for a festival in Laoag City and I guess it has become like a city song. I recorded this with Lana Jalosjos, Delia Guerrero and Ting Esguerra from UPCC just before Delia left for Australia or something.

Laoag is a city in Ilocos Norte, Northern Philippines and I actually went to high school there which is around seven kilometers from my town.

My mom saw this on youtube and left me a note on my facebook wall asking if the music was mine. I was quite delighted to watch it. The photos, by the way, are really really nice. Laoag has changed a lot and there seems to be more festivities there now.

Here’s the youtube video that my mom saw as uploaded by a user named VJApass:

Laoag City is also called the “Sunshine City”. Funny I moved from sunshine city to the sunshine state…

Music by Nhick Ramiro Pacis
Lyrics by Erwin Suguitan


There’s always a special place for special people
a place of unending fun and adventure
a new world of experience, a new world of dreams
they call it Laoag where a fiesta of excitement begins

There’s always a place where u can catch the sun
a place where color, beauty, and grace have never gone
pleasant by day, enchanting by night
They call it Laoag a world so brilliant and vibrant

C’mon and join us everyone before the night is gone
and shout Laoag, we say Laoag
What more reason to celebrate
what wonderful dreams and perfect things we create
We shout Laoag, we say Laoag

…. now u can see ours is a world of pleasure
A world that’s kissed by god and nature
A world that’s easy to embrace and yet so difficult to forget
But one thing’s certain, you’ll never regret..

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